About Me

Am I the only one who gets completely dumbfounded when someone asks you to tell them about yourself? I know who I am of course but it’s hard to describe yourself to other people. If that makes any type of sense lol. Surely I’m not the only person with this struggle but hey let’s go!



Hi! I’m Jaya (Jay-Uh). Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Home of The Kentucky Derby and The Great Muhammad Ali. I would describe myself as a smart, outgoing, independent, passionate, extremely loving and caring woman. When I want something in life I go for it and don’t give up until I get it. I’m a huge fashion lover and I plan on making my passion into a career as an aspiring wardrobe/personal stylist. Oh, and may I add; I’m a newbie blogger! Being a blogger is so very new to me and exciting at the same time. The whole point of me creating my blog is to get myself out there in the world to showcase my style and talent. In hopes to creating my fashion business at a good start and become a full-time wardrobe stylist. So… in that case I welcome you to come take a look into MY LIFE. Here at my blog you will learn everything about me and what I do in my everyday life. You will also learn about my everyday unique style, choice of fashion, tips and personal advice. There will be pictures, personal diaries, raw & uncut blog entries, video journals and more! 

I hope you enjoy!