Who’s ready for 2019?

Hey Loves! I’m finally back and posting looks for my lovely followers. I wanted to get myself caught up on looks that I made for 2018 so I can post these bomb ass looks for 2019. I appreciate the ones who have stuck around and still follow my page.

I hope you all enjoy! ♥

HI Ladies & Gents! I hope everyone’s summer is going great and stylish! When I started my blog, my sole purpose was to showcase my style AND in hopes that I can take my love & passion for Fashion into a career for me as a Wardrobe Stylist! I have so much content to upload and I ask that my lovely followers bare with me and I do apologize for the un-chronological order that my pictures are in. Starting next month I will try to have my pictures and content in chronological order. Thank you for your support!

Love Jaya, xoxo ♥