How to Style an Outfit 101

There is no exact way or form to style an outfit, you just use your own style and creativity to create a bomb ass look/outfit! I will give you my personal tips and opinions on how I create my looks.

  • Create the outfit in your head (Sounds crazy but trust me thats the start of a bomb outfit and most of the time they come out how I want it)
  • Check the weather (You don’t want to be caught in a 85º and Sunny outfit and the weather is 65º and Rainy for the day. Don’t let yourself look crazy. You will be surprised at how many people don’t check the weather before getting dressed, that is MAJOR key for me!
  • Scan your closet carefully for pieces, shoes & accessories that you have not worn yet
  • If you want to wear an outfit or piece that you have already worn, that is okay! Just find accessories or shoes to go with the outfit that you did not wear with it the last time.
  • Find shoes to wear with your outfit BEFORE adding accessories to the look. It will make the process a whole lot easier in my opinion.
  • Add the accessories with the look. Make sure that the accessories match or compliments the color or style of your shoes.
  • Create the perfect hairstyle to go with the look. Ladies your hairstyle can make OR break your look. Your hair is a MAJOR key for the look. If your hair is already in a style just make sure your outfit goes with the look.
  • If you’re a woman or man who wears makeup, make sure that your makeup look for that day goes with the look as well. Makeup can also play a big part in your look as well in my opinion. 
  • Now put your bomb look together!
  • Carefully look yourself over in the mirror, make sure everything is in place, it looks nice and clean, and the outfit is body appropriate for your body shape.
  • LASTLY! Always have a backup outfit incase the look that you were going for does not work out for you. (Which happens to me 85% of the time lol)

I hope these tips are helpful to my lovely ladies and gents! I would love your feedback if they were actually helpful to you ♥

Blazing Pizza?


A week ago, my friend and I went out for a quick bite to eat and both of our tastebuds were definitely rooting for a pizza/Italian type of taste.

I had another restaurant in mind but he suggested that we try out Blaze Pizza for the first time and LET ME TELL YOU! I will probably never eat at another pizza place ever again! WOW! I know I am extremely late to the Blaze pizza train and I’m actually mad at myself for waiting this long to try them out because this pizza place is sent from heaven. I was impressed soon as I walked in the door. It had this Qdoba type of set up in my opinion and you were able to pick out how you wanted your pizza and what you wanted on your pizza.

I got the thin crust with spicy sauce, pepperoni and italian sausage. My friend pretty much got the same thing I ordered. We watched the cooks put our pizza in the fire roasted oven as we waited for our pizza to be cooked. We then said grace over our pizza and with faith we took our first bite.  For a solid minute we both sat in disbelief staring at each other (literally) At that moment I was HOOKED!!!! Coming from a TRUE pizza lover I set my standards high for pizza and they blew it out the water for me. I would literally be all day describing how this pizza tasted because it was literally THAT good! All I can tell you guys is to please check them out, you won’t regret it! Blaze Pizza… I will be pulling up again!

Hello June!


Ahhhhh… Today is June 1st. (Technically now June 2, sorry folks) My favorite month of the year. The first day of Summer starts this month and may I add it’s my birthday month , June 27th (CANCER SEASON)! Yes, I am a Cancer ladies and gents! Also the best horoscope sign there is, duh. This year is a special year for me because I turn 21 this year. I know when people think of their 21st birthday they think about being able to legally drink, which I did too lol but for me it’s more than that. My 21st is a new chapter in my life. I am a woman now, I am an adult. At this point in my life I have to responsible for my life, my career, my future. I am beyond excited and looking forward for this new chapter in my life.

What about you? 

*For all my June Babies, what do you love about being a June Baby?


The Journey Begins

Welcome Loves!

It’s currently 12:07 in the morning and I decided to finally stop procrastinating and make my blog. I always wanted to have a career that involved FASHION. Fashion means so much to me and has a huge impact in my life so I thought to myself that creating my own blog that involves everything fashion would be a great start for me. This blog thing is very new to me so I will apologize in advance for the mistakes that I will make for anyone who is reading this and currently viewing my blog! I do ask that you follow me on my journey to creating this awesome blog! XoXo ♥♥