How to Style an Outfit 101

There is no exact way or form to style an outfit, you just use your own style and creativity to create a bomb ass look/outfit! I will give you my personal tips and opinions on how I create my looks.

  • Create the outfit in your head (Sounds crazy but trust me thats the start of a bomb outfit and most of the time they come out how I want it)
  • Check the weather (You don’t want to be caught in a 85º and Sunny outfit and the weather is 65º and Rainy for the day. Don’t let yourself look crazy. You will be surprised at how many people don’t check the weather before getting dressed, that is MAJOR key for me!
  • Scan your closet carefully for pieces, shoes & accessories that you have not worn yet
  • If you want to wear an outfit or piece that you have already worn, that is okay! Just find accessories or shoes to go with the outfit that you did not wear with it the last time.
  • Find shoes to wear with your outfit BEFORE adding accessories to the look. It will make the process a whole lot easier in my opinion.
  • Add the accessories with the look. Make sure that the accessories match or compliments the color or style of your shoes.
  • Create the perfect hairstyle to go with the look. Ladies your hairstyle can make OR break your look. Your hair is a MAJOR key for the look. If your hair is already in a style just make sure your outfit goes with the look.
  • If you’re a woman or man who wears makeup, make sure that your makeup look for that day goes with the look as well. Makeup can also play a big part in your look as well in my opinion. 
  • Now put your bomb look together!
  • Carefully look yourself over in the mirror, make sure everything is in place, it looks nice and clean, and the outfit is body appropriate for your body shape.
  • LASTLY! Always have a backup outfit incase the look that you were going for does not work out for you. (Which happens to me 85% of the time lol)

I hope these tips are helpful to my lovely ladies and gents! I would love your feedback if they were actually helpful to you ♥