Blazing Pizza?


A week ago, my friend and I went out for a quick bite to eat and both of our tastebuds were definitely rooting for a pizza/Italian type of taste.

I had another restaurant in mind but he suggested that we try out Blaze Pizza for the first time and LET ME TELL YOU! I will probably never eat at another pizza place ever again! WOW! I know I am extremely late to the Blaze pizza train and I’m actually mad at myself for waiting this long to try them out because this pizza place is sent from heaven. I was impressed soon as I walked in the door. It had this Qdoba type of set up in my opinion and you were able to pick out how you wanted your pizza and what you wanted on your pizza.

I got the thin crust with spicy sauce, pepperoni and italian sausage. My friend pretty much got the same thing I ordered. We watched the cooks put our pizza in the fire roasted oven as we waited for our pizza to be cooked. We then said grace over our pizza and with faith we took our first bite.  For a solid minute we both sat in disbelief staring at each other (literally) At that moment I was HOOKED!!!! Coming from a TRUE pizza lover I set my standards high for pizza and they blew it out the water for me. I would literally be all day describing how this pizza tasted because it was literally THAT good! All I can tell you guys is to please check them out, you won’t regret it! Blaze Pizza… I will be pulling up again!

Hello June!


Ahhhhh… Today is June 1st. (Technically now June 2, sorry folks) My favorite month of the year. The first day of Summer starts this month and may I add it’s my birthday month , June 27th (CANCER SEASON)! Yes, I am a Cancer ladies and gents! Also the best horoscope sign there is, duh. This year is a special year for me because I turn 21 this year. I know when people think of their 21st birthday they think about being able to legally drink, which I did too lol but for me it’s more than that. My 21st is a new chapter in my life. I am a woman now, I am an adult. At this point in my life I have to responsible for my life, my career, my future. I am beyond excited and looking forward for this new chapter in my life.

What about you? 

*For all my June Babies, what do you love about being a June Baby?